Phoebe graduated from Northumbria University in 2019 studying Fine Art and continues to live and work in Gateshead, UK. Despite working extensively with animation and multimedia instillation during her Fine Art degree, Phoebe's work has always returned to the traditional method of painting. 

Heavily inspired by Early European Modernism, Phoebe's paintings are led by the experimentation of colour and form, resulting in vibrant depictions of interior and still life scenes. 

Career Highlights

o ‘Portrait of an Artist’ – practice profile in Northern Insights publication June edition 2022

o Commissions for commercial outlets & private portraiture

o Managing local art events, most recently the ‘It’s All Good Newcastle’ December 2021

o Exhibitions: ‘Biscuit Tin Studio Group show’ -2020, ‘Scaffold' 2019’ - Northumbria Gallery North, ‘Participation' at Northumbria Gallery North 2018.

o Artist in residence at pop up exhibition REVIVE 2019,

o Dissertation: Analysing and contextualising the use of collage and montage as a strategy for politico-social intervention and expression of anti-art positions.

o Key learning: Professional Practice, History and Theory of Visual Arts, Critical Contexts.

o Graduated with a first-class degree in Fine Art from Northumbria University in 2019, developing an extensive knowledge and experience in contemporary art practice.


Originals of some artworks are available. For enquiries or commissions please email 

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